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AWS Pop-up Loft Talk

On August 25th I will be delivering a talk at the AWS Pop-Up Loft in NYC. The talk is entitled: “Behind the Scenes with MongoDB: Lessons from the CTO and Cofounder on Deploying MongoDB with AWS.” The AWS lofts combine hack days, talk series, bootcamps, and “ask an architect” opportunities, and mainly target engineers working on startup projects that are built on AWS, although other people do attend the talks.

Since this is a technical crowd, the talk will be highly technical, and since it’s an AWS event, I’ll be emphasising MongoDB’s uses in the AWS environment. Here’s the abstract:

Meet Eliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-Founder of MongoDB, the next gen database built for the cloud. Eliot will share his experience founding and scaling a successful startup, discuss the value of community, and urge you to throw away code as fast as you can.

Then he’ll get into specifics regarding how to deploy MongoDB in an AWS context. To focus the discussion, he will use the example of a MongoDB-backed, multiplayer mobile game hosted on AWS, and follow it from inception as a prototype to a global infrastructure spread across multiple regions and availability zones. You will learn specific methods enabling you to start lean while being prepared to scale massively, such as tag-aware sharding for geo-aware data residence, and using multiple storage engines to optimize for particular use cases.


I’m looking forward to it, and if you’re going to be there, let me know.