After Parse: Where Should MBaaS Go?

Last week I talked about Parse shutting down and how unfortunate that was, but also how outstanding a job they have done providing a transition path for their current users. MongoDB also published a very detailed post on how to migrate a Parse app onto MongoDB Cloud Manager and AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Since that day, the amount of activity on the open source Parse Server has been phenomenal, and many have suggested, as did one commenter on my last post, that this means it’s time for MongoDB and Parse to work even better together.

All this discussion I’ve had about Parse has got me thinking about the nature of the Mobile Backend-as-a-Service space and MongoDB’s role there. I’m also interested in hearing directly from customers. If your MBaaS-backed application deals with a decent amount of data and load, leave a comment or shoot me an email (, I want to talk about making MongoDB and the ecosystem around it even better for the MBaaS use case.