Backend as a Service: Security and Privacy

Almost all modern applications are composed of presentation layers, services executing business logic, and backing stores where the data resides. Developers could be more productive and agile if they could work more directly with the backing data without having to build specific APIs for every access type, but is quite a challenging problem. An emerging class of solution known as Backend as a Service (BaaS) has tried to address this problem over the last few years, but hasn’t become the norm yet.

In an ideal world, it would be great if your web or mobile app could talk directly to a database. In the real world, though, this is never done, for several reasons. Let’s start today with the security and privacy area: fine grained access needs to be built in from the ground up, and also be expressive enough to let any complex application to be built.

Security and privacy challenges are about allowing different users to have access to different data, different documents, and maybe even different fields. One might need to query on computed values of fields without being allowed to see those fields directly. A famous example of this is Yao’s Millionaires Problem in which two millionaires want to determine which one is richer without revelaing their net worth. Solving problems like that requires the kind of fine-grained access control to allow a user to run queries such as “show me all documents where a % 5 == 1” but not be able to see the actual value of a. A broad category of problems, of which Yao’s Millionaires is one, is called secure multi-party communication, and thier solutions all rely entirely on offering that kind of access control. If you are building your own REST api for your web app, building in that logic is trivial. If you are trying to build a generic BaaS, it’s a lot more complex.

There are a few BaaS providers working on this problem. Parse and Firebase are probably the best examples at the moment. They both definitely have pushed this along pretty well, but I think another big step function is needed. Further pushing the security and privacy model to allow apps to be more expressive will allow BaaS to radically improve time to market for many applications.