DotScale 2016 Talk: The Case for Cross-Service Joins

Back on April 25th I spoke at dotScale in Paris; I gave a talk called “The Case for Cross-Service Joins,” as in queries that join data across multiple 3rd party services. For example, analytics over data that comes from both SalesForce and Googe Analytics. I’ve been thinking a lot about this topic, because MongoDB sits at the middle of a lot of apps that utilize 3rd-party services, and the benefits of building your app on top of such services comes at the cost of that data being siloed away, and difficult analyze it in a holistic way. My thinking on this topic continues to evolve, and I’ll be writing more about that, as well.

DotScale was a great conference to speak at, with a lot of very insightful talks, and beyond that, the gorgeous Théâtre de Paris is easily the classiest venue I’ve ever spoken in.

The video is up now:

{% youtube huwM-amMGnM %}