Why Fly to London for 48 Hours

I visited London a few weeks ago to attend and speak at MongoDB London. The event was very successful, and I enjoyed many conversations with attendees and staff during the event. But having the opportunity to spend time with our 10gen London team makes the value of the trips far exceed my contribution to the conference. Although my time with the team was relatively short since my entire trip to the UK lasted only two days, it provided yet another example of “no substitute for in-person collaboration”.

10gen's New Office

Monday was a big day for 10gen in New York; we moved into our new offices on West 43rd Street. The last time we moved (about 16 months ago), our then new office seemed quite spacious and impressions were that it would last quite a while. That turned out to be a bit short sighted. By January of this year we were bursting at the seams, with every desk full, expansion space taken, and competition for conference rooms straining everyone’s patience.