Gmail Jira Decorator

As discussed in other posts, I spend a lot of time in email, and much of the email I get is related to MongoDB’s Jira. I’ve written before about my Jira summarizer, which maintains a single message in your inbox with a summary of recent activity in projects you watch. In my continuing quest to make Jira email easier to deal with, I wrote a tool to make it easier to quickly assess the email notifications about individual issues.

The tool is a chrome extension that operates on my Gmail inbox. Every 30 seconds it scrapes the subjects of emails and does a Jira request to get some basic information. (It offloads most of this work to a separate server I wrote.) It than munges the HTML to decorate the subject of the email with the status, assignee, severity and fix version.

This allows me to quickly see things that are blockers or critical, not focus on things that are assigned to someone already, or know that someone has decided that it should be fixed in the next point release vs. at some point in the future.

Gmail Jira Decorator in action

Interested in the project? Feedback on my email-centered workflow? Let me know!