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I Want an Apple Watch

A lot of people I talk to are unsure about the Apple Watch, and the category in general. Me, I’m counting down the days till I get my Apple Watch. In fact, at this point my impatience is so great, the prospect of having to wait another month to get one almost makes me want to go out and buy a Pebble. So, score one for the Apple marketing team, I guess.

Before we get into why, I first want to talk about Apple’s VIP feature. You can mark certain people as VIP, and then you can see emails from just them, limit email notifications to just them, and probably more things I haven’t even tried yet. I have emails from VIPs appear on my phone lock screen. This allows me to quickly glance to see if there is anything I want to read. For better or worse, my habit (addiction) is that I need to look at that fairly often.

So the only things on my lock screen are VIP emails, text messages and my next calendar item. All of those are things I generally want to see very often. Right now, that involves either pulling my phone out of my pocket and looking at it, or keeping it on a table and pressing a button. Oh, and I do like to look at the time on my phone pretty often too.

Those four things all seem to be pretty well served by the basic functionality of the Apple Watch. Time, check. Upcoming appointment, I think check. Text messages, check. VIP emails… well, they haven’t been specific about that, but I’d be really surprised if they didn’t integrate that awesome feature into the watch. For me, being able to accomplish those four things without the interruption of going to the phone seems really appealing. Time will tell if it actually works, but I’m hoping. And being to be able to dismiss a call while keeping my phone in a pocket will also be really nice.

For these reasons, my excitement is currently all about the core feature set, but I’m also intrigued by all the interesting apps that are likely to appear over the next few years. For a lark I’ve done a little daydreaming about that, maybe I’ll write up a few ideas for a later post.